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Thank you, for choosing Coastal Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine for your care. We appreciate your trust and confidence in us. We are here to render compassionate, quality orthopaedic care promptly and professionally, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We put our patients first in all we do. We appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey. We aspire to consistently maintain high standards of excellence and patient satisfaction. Your input will help us improve and serve you better. Any comments you make are kept strictly confidential and can only help us become better.

Please take some time and fill out our Patient Satisfaction Survey after your appointment. We truly appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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Registration and Billing

Rate our Success
Ease of scheduling an appointment
Ease of getting the appointment time you wanted
Helpfulness of the Scheduling Desk staff
How quickly our staff returned your phone call for an appointment
How well our staff explained payment procedures
How well our staff answered your payment questions
If you had an experience with our surgical scheduling staff, please rate the experience


At Our Office

Rate our Success
Comfort of the waiting room
What do you consider a reasonable time to wait?
Cleanliness of the waiting room
Length of time spent in the waiting room
Comfort of the exam room
Cleanliness of the exam room
Total length of time spent in the exam room
Your experience with the medical assistant
Your experience with the x-ray technologist


The provider that treated you

Rate our Success
Who was your provider?
Were they courteous?
Listened carefully to your concerns.
Explained things in a way you could understand.
Spent enough time with you.
Involved you in your medical decision.
Was technically skilled (thorough, careful and competent).


Overall Assessment

Rate our Success
Overall rating of the care you received during your visit
Likelihood of recommending Coastal Othopaedics and Sports Medicine to others.
Likelihood of choosing Coastal Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine again if you needed orthopaedic care.



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